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Letter to Tan Parker Opposing SB 9 – Texas Implementation of National ID

I wrote my Texas Representative tonight urging him to oppose SB 9 that was recently passed in the Texas Senate. I encourage you to do the same.

Dear Mr. Parker,

I’m writing to urge you to aggressively oppose, and vote against, SB 9 when it comes before the House. This bill wastes over $100 million to comply with the Federal Real ID Act at a time when we can’t afford to waste taxpayers’ money on more government that infringes on Texans’ liberties. Earlier this year, a Texas government security breech may have revealed information leading to identity theft and now Senator Williams proposes to take even more personally identifying information from me, at higher costs for me in driver’s license fees, all in the name of supporting efforts to create a National ID. Real ID requirements are stifling to law-abiding citizens, but will do little to combat terrorism or protect our borders.

Please oppose efforts to make us ”show our papers” as if we lived in the old Soviet Union and pay for the privilege in higher driver’s license fees.

Your Constituent,

Jeff Gentry

Find out who represents you in the Texas House here. Texas Tribune has an article on the bill. You can find more information about the dangers of Real ID here. A huge Thank You, Senator! goes out to my State Senator Jane Nelson for her vote against this bill, one of only five senators to do so.

HT to the Texas Campaign for Liberty


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